Friday, June 4, 2010

Be My List

I'm much too competitive for my own good.
It can cause problems quite often.

I want to keep everything for myself.  I want to win everything, have everything, have all the attention, and enjoy all the perks.  I'm so obsessed with myself.  My eyes are so off-focus.  The LORD is the one who deserves my attention.  Not guys.  Not friends.  Not work.  Not my family.  Not my swimmers.  Not my chores.  Not my beauty.  Not my concerns.  Not my competition.  Not my life at all.  Everything comes along with looking to the Lord.  I shouldn't have prioritIES.  I have ONE priority, and His name is Adonai.  All the other things in life that are important for life on this earth will come along with my attention to Him.  Seek Ye FIRST the Kingdom of God!
I don't want to have a list; I want you to BE my list, Father.

 I can't keep owning everything.  What the Lord gave me is His always because I gave it back to Him.  I need to make a daily sacrifice to give everything to Him.

Bless my heart, Father.

*picture taken by: U.S. National Archives*

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a very cool thing.
Some who can't talk can sing.
Some who can't see can play.
Some who can't hear can write and create.

Sometimes a stroke victim who has lost his or her speaking ability can sing, or can be coached to speak through singing.
There is an incredible woman percussionist who can't hear, but can feel the sound.
Many who can't see a thing can play the piano or guitar etc. incredibly well because they have a more acute sense of hearing.

Seriously, check it out at this website its so cool.

*picture taken by: Maggy Beunaventura*