Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And so it goes.

I'm going to miss this.  Home. Music fills the rooms. Laughter and joking. Family.  The sounds of home. My dad sits strumming his guitar, and the television talks to no one in the background.  The crickets chirp in the thick night air.  The feelings of home. Safety and security. Love. Comfortability. Easiness.  I'm going to miss the morning. Waking up to the sounds of my family going about their business downstairs.  I'm going to miss going up to my wonderful mother and resting my head on her shoulder.  I'm going to miss being able to cry to my sister.  I'm going to miss having my brother to beat up.  I'm going to miss the beautiful heart of my wonderful baby sister. I'm going to miss my dad and the way he shows that he cares.

I love you. I'll miss you.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I often find myself realizing the goodness of my gracious Savior.  Almost immediately afterward I find myself realizing that I should have made that previous realization much sooner.  Almost immediately after my second realization I have a third realization that I have realized his goodness before.
I always thought this was a bad thing.  I thought that if I was truly in love with my Lord then I would have remembered His goodness from the last time I experienced it.
God's goodness is never-ending.  Not only in time, but in depth and in volume.  My realizations never seem to end only because I'm realizing different levels and degrees and aspects of His goodness.  I'm not forgetting.  God's goodness isn't something you can ever fully comprehend, let alone the first time you realize it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Sometimes I think its all about me.

Ok... A LOT of the time I think its all about me.

Its not.
Its about Jesus.

Not me.
Not you.
Not the President.
Not the environment.
Not the ozone layer.
Not the universe.
Not your family.
Not your friends.
Not your country.
Not your football or basketball team.
Not your school.