Saturday, June 18, 2011

Does anyone else get tired of the world?

Right now I am just so sick of being stuck inside my own body.  Its terribly difficult to fight myself.

I just want things to be clear and easy.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jump for Jesus Joy

There are too many people that walk around thinking that their faith in Jesus is just a duty or a discipline.
Now, I see nothing wrong with some discipline.  Its good to create good habits and its even better to implement some discipline into your life with Jesus.  If you don't spend time with Him simply because you just don't feel like it, then when will you ever really start spending time with Him if you don't start doing it out of discipline and obedience.  If God is telling you to go overseas and you wait until you feel like doing it, then you'll probably wait forever because you'll never learn all that He'll do that is so great if you never actually go.
At the same time, Christianity is MORE than a discipline.  It goes from discipline to joy.  The discipline gives room for Jesus to put joy into us so that we do start to feel like doing those things.  We start to love those things because of how He's blessed them.  And there is a reason that the word joy is contained in the word enjoy.  We are called to enjoy Jesus.  He wants us to love Him and enjoy His company and His relationship.

I believe that, as Christians, we should make a point to pray for the joy of our precious Lord to invade our hearts so that our faith oozes out of every word we speak and everything we do because we're always jumping for Jesus joy.