Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cecil the Lion

Each second you read this a baby is aborted somewhere in the world. A human life is destroyed. Almost 650,000 children in the United States have been killed this year at the hands of these "doctors." Some of these "doctors" have recently been revealed to be participating in the marketing of the aborted fetus because the human body parts can be sold and used for research. Human. They are human. How can you kill something that you say is not a human and then market it as a human? A fetus is a human because without your weapons it is headed toward a full life where it has all the potential to change the world.

All that aside.

People are very angry this week because a beautiful lion has been killed. I agree that this lion is beautiful and I wish that it had not been killed. However, HOW CAN YOU THROW MONEY AT CHARITIES TO SUPPORT A LION AND COMPLETELY IGNORE THE CHILDREN BEING SLAUGHTERED IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD? Are they not just as innocent and is a human life not so much more precious? Wake up!! Lions are great, but I will always skip over saving a lion's life to save a baby's. 

Dogs and cats and dolphins and whales are beautiful creatures that should not be abused, but are they really as precious as the people you and I love? Look at your siblings, your parents, your friends, your spouse... It is hard to lose a pet, but would you not choose those people over a dog? Before you allow the media to tell you what to think, look around and decide what is true. 

The truth is that God has a distinct purpose for my life. 
The truth is that He has a purpose for yours.
The truth is that He knits us together in the womb. 
The truth is that His purpose begins in the womb. 
The truth is that evil will never win.