Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Poem

I am lost for words on this day of salvation.
Jesus died for me and made me a new creation.
Nothing I ever did made me deserve this,
But He loves me and that truth is absolute bliss.

He was beaten and bruised and led out to the hill.
He took on all my sins so that He could fulfill
All of the promises that were made in the past
About a King that would rule, but no one expected this outcast.

But this "Outcast" filled me with hope and love
He saved my soul and allowed me to take hold of
His grace and His power that I deserve in the least
And yet I'll sit with Him at His great feast.

My Jesus died so that this would be true.
My Lord was raised so that I could tell You
Of the greatest love story that could ever be told.
That Jesus is Savior and to Him I'll take hold.

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