Friday, May 4, 2012

That "New Morning" Sun

Today I woke up at 5:30 (then I went back to sleep until about 5:52) to go to a Young Life breakfast.  It was awesome, but I had to drink some McDonald's coffee (which isn't really that great, btw) to stay awake.  We had pancakes, and talked about Jesus bringing Jairus' daughter back to life.  It was great to start my day off by seeing some awesome people, but all of that is beside my point.  Since it was so early, I got to drive while the sun was rising, and then I got to drive back to school while the sun was still that "new morning" kind of sun that looks nice and fresh.  I was driving back looking at this "new morning" sun, and realizing that I am more blessed than I thought. God made the world, and He made it beautiful... because He's God, and that's what He does: He makes beautiful things. He also made me, but He didn't make the beauty for me.  He made it because it is a testament to His glory.

Keep that in your mind, and we'll go to the other side of my point.  You know how people always see pretty things, (particularly sun sets and sun rises) and take pictures of them?  They take pictures because they look so beautiful, but personally, my pictures NEVER turn out the way I want them to.  It always looks more beautiful to my eye.  A picture simply cannot capture all the magnitude of the glory that is beheld in the sight.  Look at the picture above. The photographer described this sunrise as "magnificent," but it looks quite ordinary to me.  The picture could not capture the atmosphere, only the visual, and even still... the visual is not as beautiful in the picture as in person.  The picture can't make us feel like we are surrounded with all the sunlight, dew, and fogginess of this London morning.  Our eyes and our senses do that!  God created us with such perfected senses that we can experience the magnificence of moments like the one that this photographer attempted to capture.  We can't create a camera that could ever do that for us.

So, God created the beauty, and God created our senses.  He didn't create the beauty for our senses, and yet He created our senses for the beauty! To have eyes, and a nose, and nerves, and ears to experience moments like this is the most sublime blessing I can imagine.  It's not for us, and yet we are allowed to take part in it.

Praise God! Praise His Holy Name!
Picture taken by: nhilmy

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