Monday, April 1, 2013

Don't Miss Out

This weekend my family and I watched "Ben-Hur" together.  We also watched that History Channel mini-series, "The Bible."  I realized that there was more going on during the time of Jesus than just what Jesus was doing.  Some people weren't paying attention to him, or just considered him to be some ultimately unimportant guy.  They went along with their lives as usual.  Those people missed out.  They didn't get to be a part of this insane revolution that changed the world, and is still changing the world 2000 years later.  Judah Ben-Hur chose to pay no attention to Jesus, and he missed out.  It made me realize that I don't want to be a main character in "Ben-Hur." I want to be like the main characters in "The Bible."

I don't want to miss out because I'm occupied with my own life and can't be bother with this Jesus. I want to be around him and learning and soaking it all up.  I don't want to miss my chance to be the best friend of the maker of the universe.

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