Friday, May 3, 2013

Time With the Holy One

"The Holy Three have always existed as a divine dance of romance, a whirlwind of affection and pleasure and love unending.  It was from this pulsating intimacy that God created humanity and the natural order.  Though we will always remain the creation, He formed humanity to enter into relationship with the Trinity."
                                                                               - Dana Candler

I think this is easy to forget.  We are deeply loved and radically forgiven.  Do you think that would merit it a good idea to dwell on our sin?  I don't think so.  The Trinity loves each other with an intense, romantic love.  Then they decided that they wanted to create humanity so that we could experience that love.  They want us to be a part of their "dance of romance."  If we constantly deem ourselves unworthy, we are forgetting that we don't have to be worthy.  Of course we aren't worthy, that's why Jesus gave us his clothes (Let Jesus Dress You).  We are radically forgiven.  If we constantly dwell on what is wrong with us we are forgetting that we are forgiven.  The best medicine for becoming more holy is to spend time with the Holy One.

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