Friday, August 7, 2015

____ Things Only _____ People Will Understand

There are two huge trends in blogging recently. I know you've noticed this first one: "5 Things You Need To Do Before You Turn 30" or "24 Questions You Should Ask Before You Get Married" or maybe a silly one... "36 Things Only 90s Kids Will Understand." The second trend is a little less obvious. Someone will post a video and title is something like, "She Sees a Box on the Side of the Road and You'll Never Guess What Happens Next... I'm Amazed!" Or maybe, "His Mom is Super Mad, but You Will Never Believe What He Does Next!" Trying to hook you and leave you hanging for the ending. And almost every time the end of the video has been seriously oversold in the title.

The first trend is not so bad. I like the lists, and it makes a long blog easier to understand, but it does get excessive sometimes. The second trend annoys the crap out of me, but it gets me EVERY TIME!! I'm a sucker for a good video (especially a sweet or sad one... I cried during the last episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Like seriously bawled... don't judge me), and I'm willing to watch a few stinkers to find a good one.

I want to make two points. I guess that would make this a list blog. I could have titled this, "2 Things That Won't Solve Your Problems or Bring You Life." This is becoming ironic...

1. There is no magic formula to life.
You can read as many lists as you want on how to be happy or how to have a good marriage or how to have a good job, but sometimes life is just hard. Sometimes I'm doing everything right. I'm working hard at my job, I'm caring about the people I love, I'm eating well, and I'm exercising and doing whatever else is good, but life just doesn't seem to be working. My students aren't listening and don't care, my friends and family and I just aren't getting along, and I feel lazy and tired and out of shape. The gears are just grinding and there is no movement. Another list isn't going to help me. In those moments when everything seems to be working against me, I have only one place to lean. On Jesus to heal my hurting wounds. On the Holy Spirit to soothe my aching heart. On my good good Father to dry my tired tears.

2. Sin will lure you in without warning you about the ending.
Sin is like those videos that have such an exciting looking title, but have an ending that doesn't satisfy the hype. Sin seems so great. It is fun and exciting. It feels good. And if I didn't know what it was like to be full of the life of Jesus, I would believe that the ending was about as good as I could get. Just like I sometimes find a good video in the midst of all the crappy ones, Jesus is good in the midst of all the crap. He is filling in the midst of all the emptiness. He is loving in the midst of all the hurt. He is a friend in the midst of all the enemies.

I don't mind lists (especially since I just made one), and I like an alluring title here and there, but life is only really lived in the presence of Jesus.

Don't miss this verse coming up. Jesus is talking here, which makes this kind of important! There is a differentiation between Jesus and a thief. Jesus is talking about the sheep having life. Anyone who believes in the truth of Jesus in the Bible represents the sheep.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I ( Jesus) have come that they (the sheep... us) may have life, and have it to the full. - John 10:10 

Parentheses and emphasis added by me.

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