Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Modest is Hottest

"A girl worth kissing isn't easy to kiss."

A kiss is so commonly cheapened. So many people will kiss others simply because they want to kiss someone. I've never been kissed, so I cannot say I understand the desire. I do want to be kissed, but to just kiss anyone seems to make the whole ritual a bit pointless. If someone will kiss just anyone for the reason of wanting to kiss someone, then what makes a kiss special? It's just a kiss, right? It doesn't mean much, right? Why would someone want attention just because people know that they can get a make-out session out of them? To me that is negative attention.

The best way to make a kiss special and intimate is to make it hard to get.

As one of my best friends would say, "Modest is hottest."

I've never thought much of that saying, but once I thought about it, it means much more than it's face value. Modesty is usually referred to in reference to clothing, and modest clothing is much more classy than immodest clothing. Modesty could also be referred to in reference to attitude. A modest (held back) attitude is more attractive than someone who throws themself at people. I've never thought much of people who do that sort of thing.

Back to the point of this...

The kiss worth having is the one that is hard to get.

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