Wednesday, December 23, 2009

He Doesn't Disappoint

Yeah, anytime I ever tried to write for anyone else, I was being stupid. Anytime I ever did anything for anyone other than Christ I was stupid. He's the only thing in this world that won't leave me and won't hurt me and won't break my heart. He heals my heart. He doesn't ever tell me he just doesn't love me anymore. He will never love me any less than he always has. He doesn't disappoint. He satisfies. He doesn't get in a bad mood. He's constant. He doesn't hurt me so bad I cry. He holds me under his wing and he gives me tears of joy and praise. He doesn't leave me. He said that he won't ever leave or forsake me. He doesn't sin. He's perfect. He doesn't insult me. I am his beautiful child. He doesn't make me feel less than I am. He lifts me up and raises me so I can stand on mountains.

Humans disappoint, God never will.

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