Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm a confusing person..

Its funny how one day you can look at a picture and smile and just be filled with this indescribable kind of joy and the next day you look at the same picture and only want to cry. One day's laugh is the next day's wail, and one day's love is the next day's desperation.

I learned something in the past 3 days:

Guard your heart because it is precious, and someday you'll give it to a man who will truly love you and long to spend his life with you. You don't want to give him a broken one. So keep it safe.


  1. Katie, your writing is so awesomely short, sweet, deep, and meaningful. I don't know if awesomely is an adjective/adverb... but anyways! :) Whether your target audience is yourself, or others, I think it is obvious that God has blessed you with a gift and that it is (either way) a tool that glorifies Him. Either audience, I'm sure that it will continue to be meaningful to you and will also continue to touch others and be meaningful to them; as it has been and continues to be meaningful to me. Keep writing! :) Sometimes, we have to wait for God to give us the words, but your writing is the same as your singing in that it exhibits the blessings that He has poured out and allows them to be used for His glory. Keep writing! Either way you look at it, it is a joyous song to the heavens, to yourself, and to those around you. :D

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