Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am not good enough

200th post!!

Too bad its going to be super short. Oh well.. I'm about to leave for work (without shoes on!!) TOMS - A Day Without Shoes

God loves me. I don't get it. Like for real. Its been on my mind the past few weeks. God (think about who he is for a second...............................) yeah... him... WOWW!! (I know) That guy.. is crazy in love with me. BUTT not only that... he lets me do stuff. He gives me stuff. He blesses me. I am not good enough to rub his feet, or tie his shoe, or pick up his pencil, or cut his finger nails, or even cut his toe nails. AND YET.. I get to talk to people about him and basically be like... his rep on earth. Gosh. I fail at that a lot. I'm sorry, Father. I don't really understand why you'd ask someone so incompetent to help you do something like this. But thank you.

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