Friday, July 23, 2010

That Moment

There are those moments.
The ones you anticipate and yearn for.  The ones that overwhelm you and give you butterflies.  The ones that come and go incredibly too quickly.  The ones that leave you breathless.  The ones that catch you by surprise.

Then there is that moment.
The one that is a mystery.  The moment that isn't just overwhelming, but indescribable.  The revelation moment.  The epiphany moment.  The moment that you realize how huge He is and how tiny you are.

God is so good.  He is so incredible to give us these inlets into who He really is.  Not only does He give us His word, but He gives us the Holy Spirit who gives us that moment.  He gives us the moment when we realize who the Lord truly is.

I want to be so much more in love than I am.  I've been falling for my gracious Father again and again, harder and harder these past few weeks.  My only desire is to fall harder and farther.  I want to be so lost in Him that a person can't see me without seeing Him first.  I want to be so occupied with His mission and His will that my worldly mission and desires absolutely disappear.

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