Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A trip on a train

Today I took a trip on a train.  I’m going to visit some friends in Charlotte, and the only way for me to get there is on this train.  Its so wonderful.  So quiet, so romantic.  I feel like I’m travelling across Europe on a grand adventure.  What a great way to get around.

I was sitting in my train seat reading my book, and I looked out the window just as I had done many other times throughout my trip.  This time something caught my attention.  My hands involuntarily fell to my lap along with my book and my head sat back in the seat.  These towns.  This countryside.  This place.  It is so beautiful.  I marveled at the thrilling simplicity that God creates even through man-made structures.  The small country houses left me dreaming.  The slow dirt roads left me imagining.  I love how the Lord can amaze me just by averting my attention to what is right outside my window.

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