Wednesday, August 5, 2009

He'll Take Me

So I had two topics on my mind to write about today. I miss writing and today I was thinking of a few things that seemed worth writing about. I went to the mall today. (I went twice actually) I was talking to my lovely friend Laura about life and faith and the future and the past. Just about everything. So while we were talking she said something. She said, "God didn't put me here to live a life of comfort, I have all of eternity for that."

I was also thinking today about how I want so badly to write music and perform music and maybe become somebody, maybe not. I just want to do music. But I don't take that part of my life very seriously. I always assume that I can follow my dream tomorrow. I wait until the next day to find some way to record my songs. I don't take myself seriously because nobody else does. Sometimes people don't encourage me to pursue my dreams. One time someone even laughed when I said something about my music. I know I'm not a horrible musician. It can't be that they think I'm insane for thinking I could do that, I just don't feel encouraged when stuff like that happens.

So I have two topics that I could write about:

1. God didn't put us here to live comfortably.

2. I don't take myself seriously because the people around me don't take me seriously.

I think I'll write about the first. Its much more fun and way more important.

I had heard that before, I knew that God hadn't sent me here to be comfortable. It just hit me harder than EVER. So often lately I've been so obsessed with myself and what I need to do to make myself happy. I've been feeling like maybe I didn't choose the right school for me. But when she said that, I was sure that I had chosen the right place. It also greatly convicted me. I am so selfish for thinking that I should have this easy life where everything works out perfectly. God sent me to do his work. To spread his word. To proclaim his glorious name! Not to sit around on my butt all day trying to find the cutest outfit to wear to my date on saturday night. My job is to make a difference in the world, not for myself, not for the environment, not for the needy children, not for the 3rd world countries, not for the wars, not for my family, not for anyone but for CHRIST alone. Maybe some of those other things are what God is calling me to make a difference for in HIS name, but only in HIS name. I won't do it in the name of myself, or in the name of the things I'm helping, but in HIS name. I've gotten off track. I like getting off track. It means I'm being passionate. I miss being passionate. Ok, off track again. God put me on this earth. He had ideas when He put me here. He is excited about the things He is going to do through me. And I'm excited for Him to do those things. I just don't want to get in the way with my comfort obsession. The phrase "I give my life to God" just gets old for me sometimes. My life was never mine. Its always been His. He has great ideas for what this life that He's given me is going to accomplish with his unending power. He will prevail through this life. He will reign in this life.

He will take me wherever He needs me to go in order to accomplish his great and glorious will.

*picture taken by: Social Geographic*

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