Sunday, August 23, 2009

Prayer is One of the Most Powerful Instruments in My Life

Last night at home. I'm not even going to try to express my incredibly confusing feelings right now. But I will say that the Lord has been preparing me for this day the entire summer; my entire life, in fact. I really think that He has huge plans in mind for me in the coming months. I hope that I don't get my own plans and desires in the way. I have a few prayer requests for those of you who are reading this:

1. I need to stay focused. Pray that I won't let my life become so out of control and busy that I can even think to have the excuse "I didn't have enough time" for not spending time in the word and in diligent prayer everyday. Prayer and time with my Father are the only thing that will get me through this year.

2. I need an accountability partner. I have all of my wonderful friends from home, but I need someone who I can go to and talk to and confide in right there at school. I already have plans to do just that with a friend of mine, but I need your prayers to keep me diligent in keeping those times consistent. Pray that I will give myself that refueling time that time with this accountability partner, and studying the word will give me.

3. I need a good church. I am planning on going to a church about 30 or 35 minutes from campus. That is about the distance I'd have to travel to any church, but the thing is I don't know anyone who goes to this particular church and I don't have my own car. Please pray that I can find someone that would like to go to this church with me.

4. I need community. I really missed having a good community of christian friends last year. I really needed that, but I didn't seek it out. There is an obvious difference in spending time with believers and spending time with non-believers. I feel more pressure, and less relaxed when I'm not with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I wanted to make it an even 5, but there was really nothing else that I could think of right now. Not that I don't need prayer, I do... and Lord knows how much I do. But, those are my school related prayers. I know that prayer is one of the most powerful instruments in my life, and the Lord can do great things. Please, please, please pray for me. I love you all so much, you really have no idea how much. Thank you!

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