Monday, August 17, 2009

Please Me, daughter.

Father, Why would You give me all of these wonderful blessings here at home, just to take them all away in less than a week? I have been so incredibly blessed here at home with my family, in my church with my fellow believers, in relationships with new friends, in relationships with old friends, in my spiritual life, in my relationship with my parents. Everything is perfect right now. Why would you take that away, Lord?

Because, daughter, you are a work in progress. I'm not finished with you yet. At home you are leading a life of easiness. You have accomplished very much at home. You have pleased me. Now you must go out into the world and accomplish things there, and please me there. I have blessed you in order that you may be fruitful elsewhere. Home is your safe haven, home is your time for refueling. Now it is time for you to make disciples in My name. Let your face shine with the glory of Myself. Let the love that I have shown you and given you to show to others be a beacon of light to the lost. Help them find their way, Katie. Show them this wonderful light, and glory, and love that you have found in Me. I am no secret, my dear. My name should be exclaimed from the mountain tops. I am sending you out to do that. Now, trust Me and My word. Trust that I have My arms firmly wrapped around you. I am holding you close. I am crazy about you. Please Me, daughter. Go.

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