Wednesday, May 19, 2010

God is so much more.

I am the most humany human in existance.
I want out of myself!
I want to get away from the prison that is my body.
I am so tired of letting my humanness and my physicalness hold me back.
I want my heart to take over.
I want to be bold.
I want to do things that aren't quite so typical.
I want to break away from the expectations that the world has for me.
I want to do things because I know that the Lord has them for me.
I want to stop being so scared of being radical.
I want to stop letting myself rule out certain possibilities because they are "too crazy."

God is so much bigger than this!
God is so much better than this.
God can make me so so so small and that is exactly what my heart desires.
God can take me away from myself when I'm with him because He's God!
God can get rid of the restraints that I have because of my "humanness."
God can be bold, and he can take over and make me bold.
God does completely atypical things!
God has never conformed to the world's expectations!
God is so far above all of this nonsense.
God can be as crazy as He wants because, He can make absolutely anything work for the better of his glory and His kingdom.

God, make me more like you everyday. And get rid of me. I'm so foolish and so silly. I'm so ready to get away from myself.

*picture taken by: Khalid Ghamdi*

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