Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Don't Do What I Know

My knowledge often seems to not quite match up with the attitude of my heart.

Here are some things I know:
1. Jesus Christ and his story are the most important things I could ever tell someone.
2. Jesus is more worthy than anything else of my attention and time.
3. Christ is the only thing that keeps me alive.
4. The things of this world are fading and fleeting.
5. Life is short.
6. God thinks I'm the most beautiful thing in the world.

Here are some things I do about it:
1. I pass up some opportunities to tell people this ever-important story.
2. I give my attention and time to myself, friends, boys, and worldly things.
3. I rely on my own capabilities to provide for me and keep me safe and happy.
4. I pursue fortune, beauty, fame, popularity, praise, and approval from the world.
5. I waste my time with things that do nothing to further the Kingdom of Heaven.
6. I look down upon myself and use the expectations of the world to judge myself.

Lord, help me to match my heart with my mind. Show me how to live as I KNOW I should. Teach me how to feel and desire and do the things I know rather than only know them.

Make me less.

*picture taken by: ^i^heavensdarkangel2*

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  1. This is true. It's so hard to escape pleasing/pleasure of the world because we're living in it. And God created it, and it is Good. He said it was. I think the Kingdom of God is being spread by you even posting this blog and causing me to think about my own Life in Christ and how it has been recently. You're awesome.

    'He must become greater, I must become less.'
    John 3:30