Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Was Drowning

What makes me better than anyone else?
Yes, I'm saved.
Yes, I know I'll be going to heaven when I die.
Yes, I have a heavenly Father who loves me and is powerful above all things.
Yes, I have been changed by the Holy Spirit.
But what does ANY of that have to do with what I have done?
I was dead, already done and drowned at the bottom of the ocean.  The Lord pulled me up, revived me, and gave me a life better than the one I had before.  The only reason that can happen is because of who the Lord is.  I did absolutely nothing to deserve it, in fact, I did everything to deserve the exact opposite.

Who am I to think I am any better than people because of my Lord?  That is giving Him a bad name.  I am no better than anyone else.  I'm probably worse.

I'm sorry for looking down on the people you've created, Lord.  I'm sorry for ever thinking that I am good enough to do anything for myself.  You are my source of life, the only reason I can breathe.  You give me the strength I need to open my eyes every morning and get out of bed.  You heal my heart, and you refill it when someone has broken it and spilled everything out.  You have taken all of my filth away.  You took it and put it on yourself.  You have made me perfect in your eyes.  None of this is from myself.  Everything I am is because of who you are IN me.

I am so unworthy of Your name. Christian.

*picture taken by: alibubba*

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