Saturday, April 4, 2009

Worship Leader

Real worship leaders are ones who can reach such high levels of success, fame, fortune, fans, and yet desire ONLY to help others worship the Lord.

I was at a Chris Tomlin concert the other night. It was amazing to compare his show to other shows I've seen or heard about. The other shows are about the band. The other shows are about being famous. The other shows are about self. The other shows are about everything earthly. His show was about simply coming to our Father God on our faces ready to lift our hands and voices in praise. Thats all that Chris seemed to want to happen that night. He couldn't care less about the fact that he has written numerous chart-toppers, and hit songs. He wanted to worship and he longed to bring others to worship. Anyone can tell from watching him, or looking at pictures of him while performing that he himself is in worship. Chris never made any kind of transition from worship leader to celebrity.
He is what a worship leader should be.

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