Friday, September 18, 2009

Everything Seems Smaller

Josh Wilson. This man is extremely talented in musicianship, in writing, in voice. He's incredible, and his lyrics are even more amazing.

Savior, Please
Savior, please take my hand .
I work so hard, I live so fast.
This life begins, then it ends.
And then I do the best that I can,
but I don't know how long I'll last.

I try to be so tough,
but I'm just not strong enough.
I can't do this alone, God I need you
to hold on to me.
I try to be good enough,
but I'm nothing without your love.
Savior, please keep saving me.

Savior, please help me stand.
I fall so hard, I fade so fast.
Will you begin right where I end?
And be the God of all I am because you're all I have.

Everything you are to me
is everything I'll ever need.
and i am learning to believe
cause you're the one who's saving me.

3 Minute Song
I tried to write a song, and keep it 3 minutes long
Get in, get out, nobody gets hurt
And I tried a thousand times to fit God between the lines
But I'm finding out that doesn't really work

I just don't have the words to say, cause words only get in my way
I must apologize, I have the hardest time
Finding something to define a God that I can't define
And even if I could, it would take way too long
If all I've got's a 3 minute song

I've got a hundred metaphors, and if I had a million more
I could never ever seem to sum this up
Besides, how can some melody communicate eternity?
Itýs like trying to fit the ocean in a cup

I'll never find the words to say cause words only get in the way
I would like to dumb this down to 3 chords, or maybe 4
But I've tried and I can't and I won't cause there will always be more
So I apologize, I can't seem to get it right

You probably didn't even read all of those, but if you ever get the chance please read at the chorus of each song. It so incredible the way the Josh Wilson describes the Lord. The way that the words seem to reach right into my heart and touch its deepest wounds. The way that they make it seem as though, whatever valley I'm in isn't that big of a deal because I have the Lord coming to pull me out.

Every obstacle seems smaller when the Lord is on my side.
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