Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Under the Lamp Post

Right here. This is my place. Under the lamp post. My spot. I declared this "my spot" right after I got here more than a year ago. I sat here on multiple occasions and studied, or wrote, or thought, or prayed, or talked. Its a good spot. Things feel good here. I sit here and I feel like I notice things that I don't normally notice. I am more sensitive to sounds and sights and feelings and words. I can hear the birds better in my spot. I can hear the sound of the cars. I can see the beauty in the swaying leaves, or the flickering light. I feel the warmth of a hug or a friendly hello. I just feel like I belong here. I love talking to God here. Its so perfect.

I imagine heaven will have a place like this for me.
*picture taken by: FrAnthony*

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