Monday, March 23, 2009

Greater Love

This goes out to anyone who wears makeup. I was going to say girls, but I guess there are some boys that like to wear makeup too, so I don't want to leave them out.

You know how when you are looking in a mirror that has a florescent light above it, you can see every imperfection on your face? Every red spot looks redder, and every bump looks bigger. It is just a known rule among makeup wearers that florescent light makes you look rough. So, you start putting on your makeup. First comes foundation. Under the florescent light it is impossible to blend it so that it looks the same as your skin. Maybe you use powder. You can see anywhere that there is even the smallest clump, and all the little grains are visible. Then comes the blush. It won't blend right, it looks like a line; there just isn't a way to make it look natural under the light. So you move onto your eyes. There is eyeliner, and mascara. When you put your eyeliner on, you can see any little mistakes you made, and personally, I can never get my eyeliner right. Then your mascara looks clumpy and nasty. It just doesn't look like it should. So in the beginning of your makeup endeavor you looked pretty rough under the light. Now, in the end, after trying to cover up your imperfections you still look rough under the light.

This is how we would look to God without Christ. Even our attempts at righteousness are dirty rags, and our attempts at covering our imperfections don't do anything, but change the type of imperfection. God is perfectly HOLY! There is no red spot, blemish, or bump on his face. He doesn't need makeup. He looks perfect, because he IS perfect. So he can see ANYTHING that isn't absolutely perfect on us. You can't cover your sins. You can't do enough good things to make up for the bad. You look to God like you look in a mirror under florescent light.

BUT, God sees us in a different light. He sees us in the light of Christ. When he looks at us he sees beauty and righteousness because he sees us as he sees Christ. Christ is like a lens. When Christ died he took all that ugliness and all that dirt that was all over our bodies and he put in on him. When Christ died, all of that sin died with him. When Christ rose, the sin was gone. He left it in death. He took it from us, and destroyed it so that when God looks at us, he can look at us as righteous children of the Lord of the earth.

There is NO greater love than this.

picture taken by annia316

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  1. I love all your encouraging posts, Katie! You are so insightful and so in love with finding out what Christ desires for your life. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    I love you!