Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is This Right?

Am I really where I am supposed to be?  Should I be here, at this school, with this major?  I am scared that I've strayed from God's plan for me.  But I'm too scared to change the plan.  I thought this school was the hard choice, the difficult path.  If I had chosen ECU then I would have been too comfortable.  I thought this was right.  I was getting out of my comfort zone.  I never thought I'd regret this.  I was drawn here from the start.  Everyone else thought I was supposed to be here.  

I want SO badly to be where God wants me.  Thats all I want.  I can't BE without being where he wants me.  I physically ache thinking that I might not be in the right place.  

I need prayer.  If anyone reads this, even if you don't know me, please pray for me.  Thats all I need.  He is my everything.  I cannot be here if He is not with me.

Please. picture taken by Doc Tony Photography


  1. Of course I'll pray for you. Those thoughts creep into all of our heads about decisions we make. He gave us a huge power to be able to choose and those who follow Him closely only want to make the decisions that He wills for our lives.

  2. I will pray for you Katie! I definitely decided ECU was no longer where I needed to be, and now I'm back to the realization that it IS where I need to be. You didn't make the wrong choice! You are impacting kid's lives and God put you there for a reason! Is He leading you somewhere new? Only He knows...but what I learned is, be patient, He will direct your paths kiddo. Don't worry, your life is not a question to Him. His plan is matter what you choose.