Sunday, May 31, 2009

The rest of the world

Wow, this is my second blog within the day.  Crazy!!! That never happens.

Well, I was just sitting in my room, listening to my parent's cell group singing downstairs, and I was looking out the window.  It was weird. Looking at the outside world, but hearing my family and their friends praising the Lord in our home.  I started to think about how cool it is that they meet every week together as friends to praise God.  They are sitting there lifting up the name of the Lord most high while the world goes on.  People may drive by, walk by, run by, bike by, skateboard by, and never truly understand what is going on in the house they are passing.  They are passing a house in which the presence of God dwells.  They are passing by one of the most beautiful sights ever beheld by the eye of a man.  They are passing by the presence of the God who created them, and gives them life.  

It is just really cool to think about whats going on in the rest of the world while we are praising the everlasting Father.  Its kind of sad to think about all those people that are missing out on the most incredible and indescribable and wonderful experiences of their life.

They are missing out on their purpose.

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