Wednesday, June 3, 2009

His Words Are Better

For a long while I've really wanted to write.  To express myself like I used to.  I feel as though I have nothing to write about anymore.  I don't have these intuitive ideas, or original thoughts anymore.  It has been so long since I've really had something to write about.  A long time ago I was talking to the person who inspired me to start writing on this blog and she said that sometimes her favorite times are when she doesn't have anything on her mind.  She can let Christ rule her thoughts and let Him do with her fingers as he pleased.  She would just start writing and let him reign.  That is exactly what I want to do right now.  I want to write, I desire to say something, but I know that anything I say will not be at all penetrating to anyone.  It had to come from Christ.  Nothing I says means anything.  I talk about myself, and the world.  That is not what matters.  Christ matters!  He's the only thing that matters.  He is the only thing that can change anyone's heart.  My words mean nothing.  My words come from the world.  His words come from the true and lasting kingdom.  Things that make a difference.  Things that bring people to tears.  Things that cause changes of the heart.

I hope that whenever I speak I don't waste people's time with my words.
*picture taken by: B I P I N*


  1. Katie...if you write about your day you are spreading Christ! Yes things that are meaningful and inspiring are great but if God inspires you to write about how He blessed you that day then He is going to be happy when you share it. Spread His name by sharing what He has blessed or shared with you that day or week! And if it inspires just one or saves just one by just you sharing your thanksgiving towards Him; He is going to look down at you with a smile and be proud of His child! Use this blog to be a witness!

  2. Katie, can we have a date soon? I miss talking with you and seeing your beautiful face and hearing your beautiful words. :)