Thursday, June 4, 2009

Organic Peanut Butter and Sugar Free Strawberry Preserves

There are two things on my mind this rainy night. 
1. Today was wonderful.
2. I feel like I might be swiftly and easily slipping away from my friends.

So lets talk about sad first so that we can end with happy.
I miss my friends at home during the school year and I miss my friends at school during the summer.  College is way not fun in that matter.  I feel as though recently I've noticed some great falling away from my home friends.  Not all of them.  Not even most of them.  Just some very important ones that I have not been able to talk to much this school year.  I just want them to know that I'm sorry.  I have never been good at keeping long distance relationships.  I don't talk to any friends from Pennsylvania regularly.  I could never even keep up with people who went to different middle schools and high schools, let alone colleges.  But that is no excuse.  I am learning, and I am doing better.  I promise that next year I'll try my best to do better.  I'll keep up with your lives, and keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  We'll talk more, and we'll grow closer despite the distance that separates us.  I regret that I was such a horrible friend for letting you grow so far away, and I'm going to be better.

Now for the happy part because I just can't end this blog with sadness, I do that way too much.
Today was wonderful.  I woke up at 10:30 and did my Beth Moore devotion.  She is incredible.  God gave her such a gift of leading people to Him.  She loves him with everything she is and that is so incredibly obvious simply in the way she writes her bible studies.  Every word that comes to be on that paper is a word from the Lord.  I've been in tears multiple times while doing her devotions.  She takes the approach of a woman, and describes things in ways that would help the bible come alive to a woman.  It is absolutely wonderful.
Then I talked to a wonderful wingate friend online.  Which is always spectacular.  I miss them so much, and everytime I get to talk to any of them it is such a blessing.  This particular person and I always have very entertaining and interesting conversations.  So, this combined with my wonderful bible study was definitely the perfect start to my day.
So then I started some laundry and did some dishes and all that.  Which was not very exciting, but very productive.
Then I took a shower and got dressed and all that jazz, and I went downstairs to eat.  I ate a whole wheat english muffin with organic peanut butter and sugar free strawberry preserves, some strawberry nonfat yogurt, and a few cookies.  I was very proud of my healthy lunch.  
I was expected it to storm, so when it did not actually thunder I was reluctant to go to swim practice.  While we were there it started to rain, so Sam and I had to stand out on the deck and yell at kids in the rain.  Then in the second practice one of my boys thought he didn't have to do what everyone else was doing which annoyed me and I had to deal with that. BUTTT after the second practice I talked to some adorable six and under children who are always entertaining.  They are so adorable and so excited to be there.  They love to tell me what they're swimming and they all are absolutely in LOVE with high fives.  
Then later that night my lovely Anna came over to watch the hockey game with me (GO PENS!) and we also went to Goodberry's and I made a very smart choice in my concrete.  Chocolate & caramel.  Try it!  The Penguins won, and it was super exciting.  We skipped cell group for it which makes us horrible christians, but wonderful hockey fans. :)  But we engaged in some good fellowshipping during the game, so its ok.  

And that was my day.  Kind of boring, unless you're me, then its awesome.
*picture taken by: mackability729*

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