Sunday, June 14, 2009

It was just so practical...

Today was the church picnic. Today was also a day full of learning. I love this. Lately God has been constantly showing me and teaching me things. It is so amazing.

Anyway, today was the church picnic. We decided to play some Ultimate Frisbee, which is always so fun, especially when you play with North Ridge Church. Well, we were all having a bunch of fun (especially my team since we were winning by like 4), and I was getting all into guarding people. Well, I was guarding Jude, so he tried to jump to throw the frisbee. Well, he landed wrong and twisted his ankle. It was all swollen, and ew. But it was all my fault. I felt so horrible. So Dan and Dustin carried him over to the pavilion, and we gave him ice and Ibuprofen. We were standing there, and once all of the dust settled Mrs. Miller said, "So who is going to pray for Jude?" I was surprised because the way she said it was so... well I can't think of a word to describe it, but she said it like it was something we all should have assumed to do. So we gathered around him and Dustin prayed so simply and so practically for the pain to subside, and the swelling to go down, and for there to be no breakage. As soon as Mrs. Miller had made her comment about praying for him I felt so convicted. Why hadn't I thought to pray? I should have! But we pray for people with cancer, and leukemia, and pneumonia, and people who had a family member die, and people who have no job, and people who are homeless. It was just so practical of an idea. Praying for a sprained ankle seems almost too trivial, and almost pointless, but its SO not! God wants us to come to Him with absolutely everything in our lives! Why would I ever think anything different?

I need to get my mind on Christ!
*picture taken by: Alelle*

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  1. And guess what...the swelling is beginning to go down, he's in no pain unless he walks on it, but he can walk on it, it's just a sprain! Praise God, He answers! I too was challenged by Mrs. Miller calling us all to prayer. And the Millers came over to visit him a few hours ago. They are such a godly fam.
    Also, Jude said on the way home, "I hope Katie doesn't feel bad!" So don't, he is just fine and dandy!:) I love you!