Friday, December 5, 2008


So this is another blog that I wrote over Thanksgiving break while I was without internet... enjoy!

This time with my family is so perfect. I find myself trying extra hard to cherish each moment, because soon this will be gone. I’ll be back at school away from this. Soon this will all be over. I don’t want it to be over. I love school, but how could I ever think that I like school more than this. Waking up in a home beside my sister instead of in a dorm basically alone. I spent all my time living at home wanting freedom, wanting to get away… now all I want is to be here and stay here. I love my friends at school, but they aren’t my sisters or my brothers. They aren’t my wonderful parents. The worst part is I can’t even really share school with my family. It is so separate. The friends I have at school live hours away from me, most of them will probably never meet my whole family or come to my house. Most of them will never be able to meet my friends from home or see where I went to high school. They won’t be able to know what I love about my home town and they won’t ever see where I got to church. I wish they could, I want these two lives I have to be one. I hate that they are separate. I want each life to know everything about the other, but that just won’t happen.

Why can’t I just bring school home? That would fix all my problems.

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  1. Yes! I wish that your school was here too Toon!! cause i miss you too much!

    I love you Toon!