Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Put My Hope In Something More

Isn't it funny how people will compose fantasies in their head? They'll see every detail of their scene, and soon what started as a simple idea will transform into a reality. This outlandish daydream will become their expectation of actuality; if this does not play out as they have imagined it then they’ll be disappointed. Hopefully, other people can relate to what I’m saying, if they can’t, I guess I’m the only crazy one. I get angry and frustrated with myself for doing stuff like that. I don’t want to expect too much, but what can I say… I’m an optimistic person. I really enjoy hope. Maybe that hope is empty, or impracticable, but I can hope if I want to. I do stuff like that all the time. I’ll think about an encounter with someone, or a meeting with a friend, or a test, or the far off future, and I will come up with these eccentric happenings that would never really take place. It is dumb that I get my hopes up so much, and anticipate this incident that will never really happen. Then when it doesn’t happen I get really disappointed. I need to put my hope in something better.

Hmmmm, let me try Christ.

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