Friday, January 16, 2009

Cozy and Comfy

Today the low was (or maybe will be) 11 degrees. When I went outside this morning, my slightly damp hair froze within 10 seconds of being in the cold. It was pretty cool though. I like the cold weather. I like to bundle up. I like red noses. I like shivers. I like hats and gloves and scarves. I like seeing my breath. I like chapstick. I like big warm coats. I like snow. I like drinking hot tea. I like coffee. I like blankets. I like holding hands. I like all of it. I don't really do the holding hands one, but I like it anyway. :) I just like sitting like I am. On my bed, my laptop in front of me, my tea in my lap. Its wonderful.

So thats just how today has been. Cold and comfy.
NOW... I just want to tell you about my head.
Its crazy in there. I don't understand it most of the time.
I don't really like my head either. It confuses me.
I think too hard about things and I end up making myself frustrated or sad.

Last night I was really really really really really confused. My spiritual life, my personal life, my schoolwork. Everything was killing me. Then I went on a walk. I bundled up and got my bible and sat outside on a freezing cold bench and just read the words that the Lord wanted me to see. It was wonderful. Then I spent some time with a great friend who is always there for me no matter how she's feeling. She knows when I need a hug and she is more than happy to give it. Today was encouraging too. I've developed a driving desire to get into the word and get to know my Lord better. It's wonderful.

That blog was confusing. I can't write anymore.

I love my Lord!


  1. Ahh do you remember at the beginning of winter...sorta fallish. We really wanted to be able to see our breath and now we can!!! hehe i just remember that...hehe
    I love you Toon!

  2. That's beautiful, Katie! Being cozy and comfy and being warmed by the Lord's words! Some of my favorite things.