Monday, January 19, 2009

One Big Mistake

It is all one big mistake. The fact that I'm here. The fact that I even know about my school. The fact that I've decided to go into music. The fact that I know the people I do. The fact that I'm involved in Young Life.

I think about all the decisions I've made in the past 11 months and I can see everything. I made a rash decision to come to this school. I had no idea why I wanted to be here, I had no idea if I was supposed to be here, but I just decided. Then I got my roomates. Right before school started we had the chance to split up. We could have seperated and moved to a different building, a nicer building, but oddly enough we stayed together. We thought it would be better, we thought it would be more fun that way. Then I went to the club fair one day. I went because my professor told me I should, so one day I just got up and decided to go check it out, not expecting to find anything all too interesting. Then I found young life. I became friends with some music majors and never ever thought I would be one myself. I always wanted to, but constantly told myself I wasn't good enough. They told me I was, they told me that I didn't have to be incredible to want to learn more about music. So I am trying it out. It's all one big mistake!

If my friend hadn't told me about this school then I would never have known about it. I never would have come here to know the absolutely amazing people that I do. If I hadn't followed my gut, and done what I felt the Lord was telling me to do then I would have ended up at ECU. If I hadn't stayed with these roomates and had left one of them, then I may not know too many of the people I know now. I would not know Brooke, I would not know Laura Lee, Sarah, Breanna, Callie, Mary Katherine, Sarah, Christy, Kim, Sarah, Morgan. If I hadn't done young life then I never would have met Zach, which means I would not know Justin or Jason or Worley either. If I hadn't bumped into the young life table then I would not know Steve, Ashley, Zach, Frances, Brittany, Katie, Emily, Stephanie, Stacey, or any of the kids from young life. I also would not have played volleyball with young life and gotten to know Jeremy, Jeremy, and Ryan. If I hadn't gone to Breathe and campus outreach, I might not know Brandon, Oliver, Billy, Gray, Kelsey, Charity, Grayson, Shelley, or Erica.

I can look back on the last few months and see how every single moment led to another which led to another which led me to where I am right now. Writing this, thinking about these people that I love so dearly. What if this big mistake hadn't happened? What if I had just made the easy decision and gone to ECU? I would be with people I love, but I wouldn't have been with these people. I would not have known any of these incredible people. Every single person I mentioned here is amazing. Most likely story is that none of them will ever see this, but I love them. I care about them so much. The fact that they care about me means the world. It means so much more than they might know.

They are incredible.

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  1. I've been thinking about a lot lately how God intricately designed each one of our lives to be a perfect masterpiece. How we think it's all a mess, but he has a greater plan. I'm so excited for what God has done with your life so far at Wingate. As much as I wanted you here at ECU with me, I know that God has a greater plan than what I want for you. Love you!