Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Than Just a Raised Hand

The raised hand in praise to God. It is a very common way of worshiping the Lord. It is an obvious outpouring of praise. But it is much more than just a raised hand.

A raised hand shows a longing and a desire to touch the Lord. To be as close as we can to his glory. It is an overspill of the love and closeness that one feels for the Lord.

A raised hand shows an open spirit. When one opens his or her hands in worship they are presenting their soul. They are lying their spirit out flat for the Lord to see. It is dirty, but they desire for the Lord to make it clean.

A raised hand shows freedom. A slave's hands are bound. A prisoner's hands are cuffed. When one raises their hands in worship they are showing and celebrating their freedom. They can raise their hands.

A raised hand shows a focused heart. When someone is not focused on worship, they don't want to call attention to themselves by raising their hand. They don't want to look foolish. When one doesn't even care that there are people around them they will do whatever they want in worship to the Lord. They'll raise their hand, dance around, jump up and down, or talk out loud. When someone really is in a state of worship, he or she won't care about how they look when they raise their hand. They'll be so excited to praise their Father that they won't be able to do anything BUT raise their hand.

Its more than just a raised hand.

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