Monday, February 9, 2009

I don't really feel like trying to sum this one up in one thought by giving it a title.

Its just one of those days. I need something, someone. I need a good hug. I need a caring word or two. I need someone. It's so weird being away from my family and realizing what true love is. I know my friends love me, and I know that my friends care about me, but they can't love me the way my mom loves me, the way my sisters or brothers love me, the way my daddy loves me. They can't be with me like people who've known me for years can be. I'm not trying to cheapen any relationships that I have with people here at school, but its just different. Family love is different than friend love, and right now I'm feeling a serious deficit of family love. I just want my mom to rub my back. Thats honestly all I've wanted for a few weeks, for someone to rub my back. Because if someone rubs my back, I can close my eyes and pretend like I'm at home, in my room, on my bed, with my mom. Her hand rubbing my worries away, and her words soothing my ears.

Why don't I appreciate things until I don't have them anymore?

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  1. Close your eyes [after you read this of course!] and imagine that i am there right next to you and we are making a 30 minute video together and we are laughing hysterically and then imagine me squeezingg you so hard that it is tough to breath!

    Because that is what i am imagining right now!
    I love you Toon!