Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh Stephanie...

Ok so this silly girl named Stephanie tagged me in a little teensy weensy feensy game. It is called, "Find your fourth album, take the fourth photo from it, post it on here, say something about it, then tag two other people to do the same thing." Yeah, the name needs some work. I hear the committee is meeting soon. Their meeting has a name too, its going to called, "We're just getting together to find a new name for the find-your-fourth-album-take-the-fourth-photo-from-it-post-it-on-here-say-something-about-it-then-tag-two-other-people-to-do-the-same-thing game." So yeah, they really need some help.

ANYWAY. here it goes. my photo.

Well, see Rachel, Faith and I were having a photoshoot while we were bored in Pennsylvania. This is what we do for fun. I love my family.

the end.

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