Wednesday, February 4, 2009


No matter what happens. No matter who tries to mess things up. No matter how the devil tries to interfere, the Lord always wins. You can't mess up his plan. He knows what will happen. He can turn our dirty rags and sinful acts and evil doings into something that will give Him glory. Even in ancient Rome when the Christians were horribly persecuted, God was there. He knew what he was doing. He was working in each one of those Christian's lives. Even in the Salem Witch Trials when so many people were being so sinful and doing horrible things, He noticed. He was in control. I was thinking of it like this: You know the game mousetrap? It starts when you set off one thing and then it sets off another which sets off another which sets off another. Until in the end the basket falls and traps another player's piece. Well, from the beginning of time God has been setting up his game of mousetrap. Its like the other artist blog that I had a while ago. God sees it all as one big picture. He is always in control of what is going on. Unlike in the game mousetrap, God has control through the whole thing. He doesn't have to change anything because he is making it happen and he knows EXACTLY what He's doing. I think he likes to see our reaction. We're all mad that something bad is happening and then something else happens and then it keeps going until we see it all. Then we're like, "Ahhhh, yeah... thanks God, I got it now." And we start to rejoice. So next time something bad happens, or your life doesn't seem to be going that great. Look to the Lord, trust in Him. In the end it will all work out ok, and He'll get the glory.

And that's exactly what we want.

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  1. I really liked this post.
    Funny, because I have been thinking about things similar to this,
    and I just came across your blog.