Thursday, October 30, 2008


You are my best friend. You are my confidant. I tell you so much. Your ears hear things that few people are told. You're a closed book when it comes to secrets. I trust you more than a lot of people, and that is saying something because I tend to trust people extremely easily. I feel comfortable around you. You're like a big brother, but we never fight. You are a leader for me in my faith, and you are always there to help me. Whenever I have a question, I first think to ask you. You give great advice, and I value your opinion very much. You could easily convince me that wrestling a crocodile is a good idea. You comfort me when I'm upset; you rejoice with me when I'm happy; you listen when I'm frustrated; you ease me when I'm angry. I can't imagine not having you to go to. I feel as though I can always talk to you, and I often get scared that people will become annoyed so feeling as though I can always come to you is a big deal for me. Talking to you makes my day, it's like a special event, no matter how often it happens. My feeling for you are not romantic, but I love you.

Thank you for being there, always.

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