Sunday, October 12, 2008

Someone like me...

What did I do right? Why am I so lucky?

I have one of the most blessed lives. The Lord has given me so much! He has given me friends that love Christ with every fiber of their being, a family that deeply loves and cares for me, friends that I can relate to, friends that may not be christians but are still some of the most amazing people I've ever met, a heart for the lost, a love for the people around me, a wonderful opportunity to come to this absolutely incredible school, the chance to meet some of the most incredible people on the face of this planet. But not only that. He's given me the right to worship HIM, I can speak to the Lord of the earth. I can sing to Him. I can love Him. I can have a relationship with Him. I can get to know Him. I can trust Him. I can worship Him no matter what language I'm speaking. I can be sure that He is true. I can be His CHILD! The best illustration that I can think of in order to see how incredible these opportunities are is to think of God as an incredibly famous person. I would think of Him as the president. How many people get the chance to have a personal relationship with, and get to know the president. Only his family, and his very best friends. Nobody is even allowed to get near him. BUT, God gave us the right to sit beside Him, he has conversations with us, he loves us, he cares, he pays attention, he knows, he is my FATHER!

I cannot figure out why He would ever love someone like me.

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