Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am home, I am here.

Wake up. Rain falls, splashes, slides on the roof, taps on the window, telling me it is time to wake up. Sleep: serene, comforting. Lying in my own bed, with my pillows below my head and my blankets weiging down on me pushing me into sleep. My sister wakes, she stretches, and walks out. What a comforting sight. My mother walks in later, after I have had my fill of rest, she wakes me up. My own mother is waking me up, gently, lovingly, comforting. Breakfast is on the table (and so is lunch, I am late waking up). I am too full to finish, I love eating food that is made by someone I know. My dad jokes around as I eat. Playing music, having fun. I am home. I am here. My home smells wonderful, like a place where I belong. As much as I love school, home is here. This is where I can trust, where I can relax, where I don't have to watch myself. What a blessing it is, to have a family like I do, and to live in a house like I do. The Lord has blessed me greatly, how can I ever thank Him? How can I do something that will show Him how much I am thankful for what He's given me. This is perfect. How am I rewarded for nothing?

I don't deserve this.

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