Thursday, October 9, 2008

Unrecognized gifts...

My heavenly Father is a smart man. He gave us such incredible gifts. Some may have more obvious gifts. The gift of music, of speaking, of singing, of writing, of running, of swimming, of academics, of teaching, of helping, of performing, of athletics. These are not the only gifts though. God gives some people an incredible gift of observation. Some people can tell a lot about a person by some simple gesture that they make. Such as how they ask for something, how they treat an employee, how they carry themselves, how they speak. There is also the gift of loving. Of making someone feel as though they belong even when they don't feel as though they do. I cannot say that I am very good at this, I'm actually horrible at making people feel welcome. Not because I don't want them to feel welcome, but I'm often very oblivious to what goes on around me. Some people have the gift of decision making. They can make decisions on the spot no matter what they are. What to eat, where to go, which work to do first, how to start a statement, how to introduce themselves, what to order at a restaurant. I am personally incredibly indecisive. I do not like to make decisions too quickly because I find that often I regret making them if I do that. I don't know if other people love this about me though. Other people are amazing at being corteous. They always ask about turning off a light if someone else is in the room, they don't want to play the music too loud, they realize when someone needs quiet, they are respectful to someone on the phone, they hold doors, say thank you, and smile at people for doing absolutely nothing.

The people that have these gifts may not feel as though they have many gifts because not many other people recognize their gifts. God notices these. He gave them to you for a specific purpose. He wants you to use them for His glory!

What an honor!

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