Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall weekend

A weekend to remember and embrace. To relish and enjoy. To laugh about and reminisce. To worship and praise. To cherish and treasure.

A weekend of hugs and love. Of hellos and goodbyes. Of tears and laughs. Of conversations and coffee. Of worship and prayer. Of encouragement and belonging.

Seeing old faces is one of the most comforting sights I can think of. Coming back to voices that I can recognize in an instant, hugs that I fit into, love that seems incredibly natural and easy, people that can see through me as though I am transparent. It is oddly comforting and yet incredibly nerve racking. One word about how I'm doing and I'll spill my whole life to someone.
Rain, cold, football, cheering, music, wet! Starbucks, good tea, wonderful friends, fun conversation. I had a lot of catching up to do. I missed these people.

Sleep, relax, breakfast and lunch at the same time (just like K&B Thursdays), rest, fair, funnel cakes, fried oreos, chili chees fries, roasted corn, five hundered pounds, drive home, falling asleep.

Baptisms, incredible worship, beautiful testimonies, inspiring words, awesome sights. The Lord was present. The changes that happened in the hearts of my friends were centered around Christ. He was the one they sought after, He was the one that changed them, and is changing them. He shows them, and everyone else, each day that He is with us, fighting the battle, winning the war. He is our shield, our armor. He is in our words, in our hearts, keeping us ready to face the opposition.

What a wonderous weekend.

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