Monday, October 6, 2008

Look Toward Heaven

It's one of those days.

You know the days when everything is going great, and yet nothing is that great. Everything works out perfectly, but I don't seem to care about that. I want something to happen that makes me happy, but everything I expect to please me is failing me. I expect my early wake-up to be nice, but it's not really. I expect my workout to make me feel better, but after a few hours that wore off. I expect seeing an amazing person to cheer me up, but it just isn't as great as it could be. I expect some music to put me in a good mood, but it doesn't help one bit.

I'm expecting to gain happiness and satisfaction from these things that can never give it to me. Once I find my satisfaction in Christ, that is when I'll finally be happy. Only Christ can bring true happiness. These earthly things I keep looking to are so temporary and always fail. I need to look to Him and put my eyes toward things not of this earth, but of eternal things. I'm not happy without Him.

He is my everything.

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