Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kill your son, adopt the murderer

Tonight I heard one of the most glorious descriptions of God's love for us that I've ever heard. Usually when people hear that Christ died on the cross for us they don't think much of it, they hear it all the time so after it has been said enough, the reality of this deed starts to become less intense and glorious.

In the words of one of our campus ministry leaders here on campus:

Imagine a man, Richard, and his wife, Rachel. They are expecting a baby boy, David. When David comes into the world, Richard and Rachel love the boy like they've never loved another in their life. He is absolutely gorgeous, and their home feels complete with him in their life. He is everything they could have hoped for in a child. One terrible day someone comes along and murders Rachel. This mother, this wife, the keeper of this wonderful home. Richard is a judge and judges the murderer's trial. At the trial Richard knows that this is the person murdered Rachel, but when the time comes to sentence this person Richard tells someone to bring David to the front. Richard says, "Give David the death penalty in place of this person, kill my son." He then Richard says, "And to you sir, I would like to adopt you, and bring you into my home and call you my son."

To imagine that after you murder a man's wife that he would kill his own baby boy in your place and then ADOPT you. And LOVE you!


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