Sunday, September 21, 2008

Feelings of Fall...

Cool, crisp, fresh air. I love this feeling.

Chilly weather. The smell of fall is here. It is almost impossible to describe the way it feels. It feels like I should have a sweater draped over my shoulders, my hair pulled up into a ponytail, have crisp, dark jeans on, and some cute slip-on shoes. The kind of feeling that tells us we should be in school again. The feeling that makes me want to just spend a beautiful night surrounded by beautiful friends simply talking for hours on end. The feeling that tells me to take long walks at night with incredible friends looking into the starry night sky, walking arm in arm, and having deep conversations. The feeling that causes me to long for old friends who know and adore me. The feeling that gives me a need for familiarity.

But even though I have this need for old friends and familiarity, I am becoming more familiar with this new place. It is becoming home.

Fall is beautiful. This is the most loving feeling I've felt the whole time I've been here. It may not match up to the old friends, and the old love, but fall seems to help. The new air and the crisp smell. The feeling home and belonging.

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