Thursday, September 11, 2008


Everyone seems to believe that their problems are the worst problems. That everyone should turn and look at them and how miserable they are.


I despise that all these people are so full of themselves to think that they are having such a hard time with their little girly drama, their stupid boy problems, their hard schoolwork, missing their family, missing their friends, thinking they're fat, having a had hair day, wishing they had better skin, hoping for an easy way out. Everyone thinks that all their problems are the worst. That the world revolves around them, and that we should pity them. Why are we so selfish? Why can't we, for once, look around... open our eyes to the people around us and think about them? Why can't be stop being so full of it and simply care for another? Why do we expect everyone to care for us, and then never give a thought to someone else?

I think that all this is rather selfish. People get hurt all the time, worse than some could ever imagine, people go through things that some people hate to even think about. Lets care about them. Lets stop thinking that since we didn't get the guy we wanted that we are at the biggest loss. Lets start to expand our small bubble. Lets put ourselves out of the picture for once and just care. Care about friends, care about family, care about strangers, care about teachers, care about parents, care about children, care about animals, care about drunks, care about victims, care about thieves, care about murderers, care about rapists, care about liars, care about cheaters, even care about enemies. Our Heavenly Father loves everyone, even those listed here who some would say are "unlovable." I am going to try and love them because He loves them.

Stop thinking that you're having the hardest time, because chances are... YOU AREN'T!

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