Wednesday, September 10, 2008

oh sweet relaxation

Everything seems to be speeding up in my life.

Go here, go there, get to class, do your work, organize your life, come to this club, go to that event, get up at this time, go to sleep, go eat food, read this, write that, do this, say that. It was killing me.

The library is awesome!

The library is great!

I love the library!

Lets eat cake!

Well, that doesn't really rhyme, but I think it does. Basically the library saved my life today. I got almost ALL of my work done for the next two days. I feel free.

And even though this post is super nonartistic and very unoriginal and extremely noncreative, it was very necessary. Today, the library was my life... that and God.

Praise God for libraries!


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