Friday, September 12, 2008

oh my soreness

Story Time...

Wednesday September 10, 2008

Fitness Center Schedule:

5:10-Basic Step

5:50-Butts & Guts (a 30 minute ab workout)

6:20-Yoga (an hour of stretching and breathing)

Kelsey: "Katie, I'm going to go to all three classes today."
Katie: "AHHH yeah, I want to do that! I'll be there!"

Kelsey: "Cool, I'm excited!"

5:10-rolls around and I go downstairs and to the Fitness Center for my first class... Basic Step. You know, the class for old ladies where you step up and down on the block. It is NOT as easy as it looks. By the end of the class I was breathing hard and sweating. I felt like a wussy.

5:50-here it comes, the rough stuff. I was so ready to get my butt kicked by this class. And let me tell you... it was kicked alright, AND its still sore. phew, no wonder its called butts and guts.

6:20-oh my goodness. What a wonderful hour. Stretching, breathing, posing, holding, relaxing, thinking. It was so amazing to just sit there and be able to think about what is going on in my life. No interupptions, no distractions, no possibilities of being rudely awakended from my daydream. The last 10 minutes was simply me, laying down, thinking, breathing. There was nothing else. I thought about so much, I prayed, I talked to the Lord. It was incredibly relaxing.

The aftermath...

Thursday and Friday:

Sore, sore, sore, sore, sore. I cannot do anything but waddle. It is hard to sit down. My abs, hamstrings, thighs, everything hurts. But it is a good hurt. One that says that I've accomplished something, I've done something good, I've gotten something done. It's rewarding.

So, since I have no deep subjects to speak of on this wonderful day in September, so I wrote about my poor sore body.

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