Saturday, September 6, 2008

Heavy Weights

Everybody is staring me down.
They want me to be perfect.
They want me to rebel.
I cannot do them both.
I need a way out,
A way to release all of this pressure.
I need someone, something
to show me what is right.
It is all so confusing.
The weights of expectation are on my shoulders.
The weight of the world is holding me down.
I cannot let myself compromise.
I cannot let myself let go of what is right.
But, what is right?
How far does it go until it is wrong?
How much happens before its all wrong?

Then I hear the words that my head wants to block out.
The words that the world wants to deny me.
The words that the devil wants to get rid of.
My head, the world, and the devil tell me to go, to compromise, to let go.
But the voice tells me to hold on.
It tells me to not let myself compromise.
It tells me that what I'm thinking in my heart is what is right.
I will listen to that voice.
I won't let myself compromise.
I won't let the devil deceive me.

I will listen

1 comment:

  1. Seriously Katie, i never want you to doubt yourself again cause you are an amazing writer! I love you so much!